Learning Design Studio

This MOOC course is based in the use of Learning Design Studio, an innovative methodology that encourages  teachers to support the other course participants in developing the design or redesign of learning with digital technologies. With the help of a mentor, you will be able to redesign your learning proposal and face specific challenges through a creative learning design methodology.

Learning design has proven to be a very powerful tool for anyone involved in the curriculum design. The course will follow a structure based on a project design, starting from the identification of a challenge, exploring the context, providing different and creative solutions and implementing a specific one to be validated. It is a very practical and teacher oriented methodology with a lot of potential for the creation of innovative solutions. 


The Learning Design process

Some of the features of the course, related with Learning Design are:

  • An emphasis on collaborative working in small groups bringing teachers together with wide and diverse backgrounds from around the world;

  • A focus on the Learner Design Studio (LDS) approach, a methodology that encourages the team to redesign the learning process as a result of specific challenges in order to create a final product that can be adjusted for different learning context.

  • The advantage of a facilitator with expertise in Online Learning, Creativity and Learning Design methodology who will work with the pilot teachers to explore the potential of this learning method;

  • The opportunity to observe, practice and learn about methods for mentoring other professionals as well as their students;

  • The creation of practical artefacts that can be reused by the participants when they are incorporated in the  final product.


The main language of the course will be English: the learning materials and the communication with the facilitator will be in English. However within the small groups any other languages can be spoken and this facility will be developed in the final pilot.

We will be experimenting with a range of evaluation and assesment methods undertake by the mentor, peers and working groups

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